December 3, 2013

Hell Freezes Over. And in other news …

From the Calgary Herald:

City to unveil plans for major new separated bicycle lane downtown

DowntownThe city is set to unveil plans for a major new downtown cycle track, offering rotection for cyclists on a road that stretches from the Bow to the Elbow Rivers …    This plan is being embraced by business groups who say it is being located in a logical location that could serve as a major transportation link and help revitalize street-level business in some areas.

David Low, executive director of the Victoria Park Business Revitalization Zone, which represents more than 300 businesses in the area just south of downtown, called the idea “fantastic.”

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  1. The location for this route makes a lot of sense from a networking perspective. The separated bike lanes of this route will connect with the Bow Pathway on the north end and the Elbow pathway on the south end, both commuter routes. The ban on cycling on Stephens Walk (8th Ave) prevents networking with City Hall, a difficult place to reach without cycling on sidewalks. This has to change.

    The priority for the city should be a two-way separated bike lane on 6th Ave, the east-west route, to make a statement to motorists that separated bike lanes in the downtown core is the way for the future. Road space needs reassignment if Calgary ever wants to be a world class city. Currently, the downtown core is not an active place after 4:00 pm. A lot of shops close by then. Cycling facilities may change that.

    Jack, a part-time downtown Calgarian when I am not in Vancouver or cyclotouring

    1. 1 St SE in Calgary today reminds me a lot of the photo of Hornby Street from 1965 in the recent blog post on the Rise of the Urban Forest.