December 11, 2012

Jobs Jar: Interns for IGEA

The International Green Economy Association (IGEA) is a not-for-profit organization headquartered in Beijing that is affiliated with the United Nations and supported by the Chinese government. It is an association for the green sectors in China and other countries.

Its mission is to advance greentech deployment in all sectors of the economy, capacity building and sustainable development. IGEA achieves its mission by organizing conferences and events, conducting training programs, brokering cross-border business collaborations, forging low carbon city partnerships, and rating companies based on their environmental, social and governance practices. 

Three interns are needed. One will help design or improve marketing brochures of IGEA’s Canadian operations; one will help improve an existing website of the Canada Committee; and the third will help organize the January and March events of the Canada Committee. These interns are expected to have weekly meetings with the CEO of the Canada Committee and execute the projects independently from home using own computer.

Required Interests/Knowledge/Skills:

  1. Interest in green business and sustainable development.
  2. Strong knowledge and skills in graphics and website design and events management.
  3. Hard-working, organized and strong sense of responsibility.
  4. Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work with others.
  5. Good communication skills in English, Chinese language ability an asset.


Benefits of the Internship:

The internship experience will provide an excellent opportunity to apply communications, management, marketing and graphics design skills. It may also lead to internship placements in China and future employment in the green business sector.

Compensation: None (in-city travel expenses may be covered) Start Date: ASAP


Contact: “朱寿庆” <>

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