October 30, 2012

Jobs Jar: Communications Associate at Sightline

Sustainability Think Tank in Search of Digital Communicator

October 26, 2012

Seattle-based Sightline Institute—the Pacific Northwest’s sustainability research and policy center—is hiring a communications associate to help deliver our change-making research and ideas to media, policymakers, and other key audiences in the Northwest and beyond.

The associate will help produce and promote Sightline’s suite of communications products, including email newsletters, our website, and our blog, and maintain our social media presence.  Over time, the communications associate will help Sightline navigate the changing media landscape, diversify our audience, and boost our policy impact. This is a position with the potential for career growth.

The successful applicant will have at least 3 years of professional communications experience, a track record of success with online promotion and social media, excellent writing skills, and facility with WordPress or a similar content management system.

Job responsibilities include:

Manage Sightline’s online presence:

  • Help ensure smooth operation of our existing suite of communications products including our website and blog and our daily, weekly, and monthly email newsletters
  • Update web content, oversee web contractors and online service vendors
  • Plan and execute social media strategies

Market and promote Sightline’s content:

  • Regular outreach through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media
  • Handle press calls, develop reporter targeting lists, and assist with releasing research products to both traditional and digital media
  • Develop and execute strategies to grow Sightline’s  audience, through both in-person and online contacts

Assist in developing and evaluating media strategy:

  • Participate in annual work planning and evaluation
  • Support all staff, including development staff, in communications and outreach efforts
  • Explore new strategies to reach a wider and more diverse audience
  • Assist in evaluating the overall success of our communications efforts

Salary: $38K-$43K, depending on experience. Competitive benefits, including health and dental insurance, vacation, and sick leave.

To apply: Please email a cover letter, resume, and writing sample to Mieko Van Kirk: mieko@sightline.org. Sightline Institute especially encourages candidates from all socioeconomic, racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds to apply. For more information about Sightline, please explore our website or contact Mieko.



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