August 8, 2007

Lifestyle over Life

Read this story – Road Kill: Why are we so worried about terrorism when so many more people are dying on our highways? – and then ask yourself:

Why will the Provincial and Federal governments not legislate against the use of cell phones while driving?

Not allow the use of photo radar?

Not limit the horsepower of vehicles?

These actions will save lives, by the tens of thousands, and yet we are adamant as a society (since there is almost no pressure on legislators to do any of the above) that we will not take these actions.  

A relatively small number of deaths by terrorism will change laws, restrict freedoms and redirect billions of dollars.  Thousands of deaths on the road mean, essentially, nothing.

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  1. Photo rader did not reduce accidents or fatalies when we did have it, we can conclude it reduced accidents where the cameras were but that was all, they still happened in larger amounts in other locations. Are you suggesting we place cameras everywhere?
    Also the hp in cars while sounds good on paper does not really help. Kids will modify their cars to increase power, besides even a Yaris is capable of over 180km/h in stock form. Germany and the rest of EU have plenty of high powered cars and they have lower accident rates. The truth is the only solution is the hardest one, retraining of our drivers, much hard restrictions/education before licensing, and better enforcement of stupid behaviour and not just speeding.

  2. For the same reasons that people are allowed to smoke, drink alcohol, gamble and risk their lives in high adrenaline sports.

  3. Terrorism sells big government contracts to major companies and small suppliers, sells newspapers, magazine readership and television newscasts. It expands existing businesses potential with new threats and fears.
    Road accidents don’t do that sadly.