Hands up, everyone who thinks the media have already gone overboard on Picton-trial coverage.
Too late. It’ll be all Picton, all the time:

The Vancouver Sun continues its leading role in coverage of the Robert Pickton trial with a special team of reporters, photographers and editors dedicated to the case. Starting Monday, we will have extensive coverage inside and outside of the courthouse, with instant news updates throughout the day on www.vancouversun.com.

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  1. Even CNN is in on the act. Vancouver is going to be Picton City for the next [however many years it takes to sort this out].
    I would personally rather hear about solutions to the problem of sex worker safety and drug addiction on the DTES. But I guess that’s not as interesting to most people.

  2. hand up.
    that is not to say that there is no merit to aspects of this case, like: have we changed the system such that marginalised victims are receiving the same attention?
    but a year of sensational depravity makes me sick.